Student Comments

"This course was fascinating and I really am sad to see it end. Professor Weissmark was not only an excellent instructor, she is a wonderful person too, which made learning even more worthwhile and encouraging."

"Professor Weissmark is absolutely wonderful-- I would love for Professor Weissmark to offer more classes.  I would take all of them!"

"Excellent course. The subject is current and relevant and Prof. Weissmark does it great justice in her approach."

"Professor Weissmark was one the best Harvard professors I have ever had. She really engaged with the students and fostered an environment for group discussion and understanding"

"I loved her. I think this class is a tricky one to teach and anyone other than herself would not not have made it such an enjoyable, yet academic experience. Her passion for psychology clearly came across and created  a wonderful, learning environment. I would love to take another class of hers in the future. She was an amazing, encouraging, engaging teacher."

"I really enjoyed having Prof. Weissmark as an instructor. She was fun, engaging, and enthusiastic about the material. I really enjoyed her energy and passion for the course."

"Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extremely capable. Listened to feedback and reacted upon it. Really outstanding."

"A wonderful person in general, opened my eyes to many issues and how to perceive them. The way she constructed classes a discussion was the best part."

"Excellent Harvard professor, though sometimes not keen on answering some questions regarding clarification."

" Professor Weissmark is absolutely amazing! I couldn't imagine taking this class with anyone else. She showed an extensive knowledge of the subject, always encouraged participation, and made everyone feel comfortable to express their opinions and share their stories."